About Biotech KISAN Hub’s


Biotech Kisanprogramme: Under the programme, the following eight Biotech Kisan hub’s in seven agro climatic zones are being funded:

  • Agro-climatic Zone I: Western Himalayan Region
  • Agro Climatic Zone II: Eastern Himalayan Region
  • Agro-climatic Zone VI: Trans Gangatic Plains Region
  • Agro-climatic Zone VIII: Central Plateau & Hills Region
  • Agro-climatic Zone X: Southern Plateau & Hills Region
  • Agro-climatic Zone XI: East Coast Plains & Hills Region
  • Agro-climatic Zone III: Lower Gangetic Plain

These Biotech Kisan hub’s will understand problems of farmers related to water, soil, seed and marketing and provide solutions with validated technologies. The programme is expected to create strong scientists-farmers interactive platform. Under the programme thematic farmer fellowship as well as fellowships to women farmers (MahilaKisan Biotech Fellowship) will be awarded. The programme will benefit nearly one lakh twenty thousand farmers.