a little story about Biotech - Kisan Scheme

The problems faced by the Indian farmer are special, small land holdings are the norm, a very small number of livestock which is often the primary source of livelihood and 15 different agro climatic zones. Solutions developed in the lab, primarily in the developed world do not necessarily address the problems faced by the Indian farmer.
There is a need for direct linkage between science laboratories and farms; it is now imperative that the Indian scientist understand the problems of the local farmer and provide solutions to those problems.
Biotech-Krishi Innovation Science Application Network (Biotech-KISAN)” will be implemented in 15 agro-climatic zones of India in phased manner with the objective:

    • Linking available science and technology to the farm by first understanding the problem of the local farmer and provide solutions to those problems.
    • The working together, in close conjunction, of scientists and farmers is the only way to improve the working conditions of small and marginal farmers.
    • This programme aims to work with small and marginal farmers especially the woman farmer for better agriculture productivity through scientific intervention and evolving best farming practices in the Indian context.

The aim is to connect farmers, scientists and science institutions across the country using Biotech-KISAN hubs. These hubs will be a glue in the existing system allowing small farmers to identify and access scientific solutions to their problems.
Each Biotech-KISAN hub will have a small team led by a facilitator. The facilitator will connect with the farmers through visits by the team, meetings by phone and by using WhatsApp and other modern communication technology.